Routine maintenance of your irrigation system is important to make sure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency.  Call or visit an IDC location near you today to get your system in top top shape before your crops are planted! We have provided a simple checklist to help you be sure that you continue to receive the best irrigation results from your drip irrigation system.

  • Clear any debris from the pump inlet before the system is turned on.
  • Check the oil levels in the water pump and fertilizer pump. Add oil as needed.
  • Check the sand levels in the filter tanks. Add or replace sand as needed.
  • Make sure the back-flush controller is working correctly.
  • Make sure solenoids on the filter tank are opening and closing properly.
  • Check the hoses and fittings on the fertilizer pump for any weathering and replace as needed.
  • Check the pressure regulator valves in the field. Be sure pilots and tubing are in working order.
  • Check all air-vents and replace any that are broken.
  • Check for leaks in the tape or tubing and repair them.

Find a problem? Need an inspection from our irrigation specialists? Call or visit IDC today! The IDC irrigation stores carry all of the replacement parts for your drip system and we would be happy to help you get your system up and running properly before you need it.