Frank Toves was recently elected to the Vice President position of the California Agricultural Association. Frank has been contributing to the organization for several years now. His hard work, knowledge, and commitment to quality led others in the Association to elect him to this position. The California Agricultural Irrigation Association (CAIA) is a network of irrigation professionals throughout California whose goal is to promote common ideals, standards, and business practices. Considering the delicate balance between an ever-increasing demand for high-quality foods and fiber (including fiber for ethanol) and the steady decline of reliable water supplies, the industry must continue to develop efficient irrigation design and management practices that promote water and soil conservation while increasing yields and improving crop quality. CAIA advocates these efforts. The CAIA also encourages current and future industry members’ education through irrigation certification classes and scholarship and internship programs for high school and college students.



The California Agricultural Irrigation Association (CAIA) is an inclusive non-profit organization whose principal objective is to enhance agricultural irrigation that: